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Oct 16th
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Stand-By Team Volunteers Gave Full-Heartedly for TIMA

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"Is the distilled water enough downstairs?” “Have you found the ground markings?” Stand-by team coordinator Jian Ming-Cheng listens intensively on the walkie-talkie about the problems encountered and gives thorough instructions non-stop.

Jian said that sixty three volunteers from central Taiwan came to Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) conference to help wholeheartedly. Outside the Jing Si Hall volunteers acted accordingly, from volunteers leaving and going to the transporting stations, and preparing floral equipment, to moving furniture with each team coordinating and helping each other in completion of their missions. Inside the Jingsi Hall, large groups of volunteers were coordinating and helping each other to complete their works. Although their jobs involved lots of complications all the volunteers cherished this chance to help with smiles on their faces.

Wu Fu-Su, seventy years old and retired from the educational field, said that he treats Tzu Chi functions like attending Buddhist Sutra ceremonies: serious and conscientious, not choosing the type of work available and courageously shouldering responsibilities gratefully. He hopes to be a role model to young people and inspiring them to do volunteer work as well.

Coordinator Jian said that all their hard effort was worth the recognition received from TIMA members and our other satisfied guests. The stand-by team wishes to use a joyful but determined heart to ensure the well-being of our TIMA members and to ease the Master’s worries.

The coming of typhoon Fanapi tested the wisdom of Jian and the wisdom of the stand-by team because the preparation for the typhoon was a big challenge. Jian said firmly that they will devote their every effort to accomplish all their work to the greatest perfection.

Reported by Lin Shu-Duan; translated by Lucy Lee; edited by Scott Dyson

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" Be honest and truthful in everything you do. Be gentle and forgiving in your relationships with others. "
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