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Oct 02nd
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Home Feature Stories Pakistan Relief Tzu Chi Sends Relief Team to Help Flood Survivors in Pakistan

Tzu Chi Sends Relief Team to Help Flood Survivors in Pakistan

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A 10-member relief team organized by the Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation arrived in Karachi of Pakistan late at night on Oct.24 2010, and will soon begin distributing 10 cargo containers of relief supplies, which were shipped earlier from Taiwan. The aid distribution will be taken place at most flood devastated area at Tatta of Sindh Province.

The consignment of relief supplies includes 24,856 blankets made of recycled PET bottles and 103 tons of instant rice which is ready to be served after 40-50 minutes in room temperature water or 20 minutes in hot water and one million water-purification tablets. The distribution plan aims to benefit 7,000 homes.

Tzu Chi founder Dharma Master Cheng Yen was very concerned about the suffering of the flood victims and through video conference every morning with delegate of relief team to make sure all relief supplies will be distributed properly to the people in need to ease flood victims' suffering.

Several surveys of distribution locations are being made in these days at Tatta area of Sindh Province by the relief team. All operation of the aid distribution can be done in a week or so.


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