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Sep 21st
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Life Wisdom (09/01~11/30, 2010)

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Life Wisdom on Da Ai TV
Premiere everyday: 19:45 (GMT+8)

11/30/2010 Tzu Chi's Four Missions in Malaysia

11/29/2010 Manifesting the Four Immeasurables in Indonesia

11/28/2010 The Need for Awakening

11/27/2010 Tzu Chi's Charitable Work in the United States

11/26/2010 Nurturing Seeds of Love and Hope in Singapore and South Africa

11/25/2010 Letting Mother Earth Recuperate by Cherishing and Reusing Our Resources

11/24/2010 Purifying Our Hearts and Minds for a Better World

11/23/2010 Being Prudent and Humbly Pious and Holding Mother Nature in Awe

11/22/2010 Tzu Chi’s Environmental Protection Program in the Philippines

11/21/2010 The True Meaning of Merit

11/20/2010 Paving a Bodhi Path with Great Love

11/19/2010 Cultivating Blessings and Wisdom by Doing Recycling Work

11/18/2010 Protecting the Environment for a Better Tomorrow

11/17/2010 Cherishing Our Resources

11/16/2010 The Need to Do Physical and Spiritual Recycling

11/15/2010 Frugality as a Virtue

11/14/2010 Setting a Model of Recycling Work

11/13/2010 A Wonderful Place for Cultivation and Creating Blessings

11/12/2010 Cultivating Blessings and Wisdom Through the Work of Recycling

11/11/2010 Doing Recycling to Mitigate Disasters

11/10/2010 Taking on the Responsibility of Saving the Earth

11/09/2010 Purifying Our Minds and Abiding Ture Principles

11/08/2010 The Need for More Recycling Volunteers

11/07/2010 Nurturing Bodhisattvas in South Africa

11/06/2010 Waking Up to the Real State of Our World

11/05/2010 Seeds of Love Sprouting in the Philippines

11/04/2010 Lighting Up a Path of Great Love in Pakistan

11/03/2010 Bringing About Peace on Earth by Nurturing Goodness in People

11/02/2010 A Pure Mind---The Key to Saving the Earth

11/01/2010 Creating a Community of Bodhisattvas

10/31/2010 Our Planet and Us

10/30/2010 Aiding Flood Affectees in Thailand and Pakistan

10/29/2010 The Tenth Anniversary of Tzu Chi, Zamboanga in the Philippines

10/28/2010 Bringing Value to Our Life by Benefiting Others

10/27/2010 Safeguarding the Earth Through Recycling Work

10/26/2010 Reaching Out to Those in Need with Selfless Great Love

10/25/2010 Helping One Another in Times of Disaster

10/24/2010 The Cleanup Effort after Typhoon Megi

10/23/2010 Lessons from Typhoon Megi

10/22/2010 Encouraging Recycling to Bring About Favorable Weather

10/21/2010 Passing on Tzu Chi's Spirit and Ideals Through Its Four Mission

10/20/2010 Promoting Quality Recycling and Living Frugally

10/19/2010 Forming Good Affinities with Others and Inspiring All to Care for the Earth

10/18/2010 The Great Cause of Our Times

10/17/2010 Promoting Higher Quality Recycling

10/16/2010 Doing Our Part for the Planet

10/15/2010 Mitigating Disasters by Protecting the Earth through Recycling

10/14/2010 Practicing Compassion and Wisdom with a Pure and Tranquil Heart

10/13/2010 Seizing Every Moment to Pass on Tzu Chi's Dharma and Spirit

10/12/2010 Recycling--Purifying Minds and Saving the Earth

10/11/2010 Working for a Healthier Planet

10/10/2010 Spreading Environmental Awareness

10/09/2010 A Path for Finding Our Buddha Nature and Creating Blessings for the World

10/08/2010 Expressing Gratitude to Recycling Volunteers

10/07/2010 Holding On to Our Vow to Walk the Bodhisattva Path

10/06/2010 Giving out of Goodness and Discovering Our Buddha-nature

10/05/2010 Counting Our Blessings and Helping Those Less Fortunate Than Us

10/04/2010 The Pure, Awakened Understanding of Children

10/03/2010 Overcoming Bad Habits with the Help of Spiritual Friends

10/02/2010 A Heart and Mind that Embraces the Cosmos

10/01/2010 Tzu Chi's Cultural Mission: Purifying Minds and Nurturing Wisdom

09/30/2010 Inspiring Love in More People to Mitigate Disasters

09/29/2010 Creating a Cycle of Love Through Recycling

09/28/2010 Instilling Propriety and Virtue in the Young for a Harmonious Society

09/27/2010 Providing an Example of Wholesome Education in Thailand

09/26/2010 One Year After Typhoon Ketsana

09/25/2010 Bodhisattva Ways

09/24/2010 TIMA Members: Relieving Suffering and Inspiring Love

09/23/2010 The Great Love of Body Donors and Humane Doctors

09/22/2010 TIMA Convention:A Gathering of Humane Doctor

09/21/2010 Peace and Safety: A Result of Everyone's Joint Effort

09/20/2010 Typhoon Aftermath:A Time for Reaching Out

09/19/2010 Being Viligant and Sincerely Pious in the Face of Typhoon Fanapi

09/18/2010 Heeding the Wake Up Call of Disasters

09/17/2010 Environmental Protection: A Responsibility of All

09/16/2010 Recycling Volunteers: The Treasure of Taiwan

09/15/2010 Caring for the Earth by Recycling Resources

09/14/2010 Doing Recycling to Support Da Ai TV in Paving the Way for Tzu Chi's Missions

09/13/2010 The Dharma in Recycling

09/12/2010 Cherishing Resources and Extending Their Lifespan

09/11/2010 Tzu Chi's Recycling Station: A Place of Spiritual Cultivation

09/10/2010 Recycling Volunteers---Giving with Love and Mindfulness

09/09/2010 Treasuring Our Resources Through Recycling

09/08/2010 Expressing Gratitude to Recycling Volunteers

09/07/2010 Sowing the Bodhi Seed Within and Living Out the Teachings of the Sutra

09/06/2010 Recycling Work: Spiritual Practice that Purifies the Heart

09/05/2010 Changing Misconceptions about "Ghost Month"

09/04/2010 The Inspiring Story of Ji Hui,Tzu Chi Volunteer in Jordan

09/03/2010 Tzu Chi's Advanced Surgical Simulations Realized by Body Donors' Selfless Giving

09/02/2010 Cherishing and Conserving Nature's Resources

09/01/2010 Returning to Our True Nature of Goodness in the Face of Life's Impermanence

Life Wisdom (06/01/2010 ~ 07/31/2010)
Life Wisdom (12/14/2009 ~ 05/31/2010)

То, что она безропотно отказалась от верховой езды, казалось, "ренессанс кредит телефон"подтверждало это предположение.

Обвиняемого перевезут в "Таисия повалий скачать бесплатно мама мамочка"поселок, и там будет проведено судебное разбирательство "Скачать вина и нина танец живота скачать"согласно законам страны.

Ни дисциплины, ни хотя бы уважение друг к другу.

Если окажется красная умрет он; если "Скачать чит эджин"черная его противник.

Озеро было глубокое, и он сразу скрылся под водой.

Белый "Ключ к игре волшебный ключ"человек продолжал говорить.

Тогда она "мультфильмы скачать кот леопольд скачать" сделала несколько шагов вперед и "фильмы для мобильный телефон скачать" тут же поняла справа "скачать сд клон" что-то происходит.

Наконец "Виндовс хр скачать бесплатно торрент" он заметил крохотное пятнышко, "скачать песню стоцкой анастасии" которое быстро увеличивалось в "Скачать фаерфокс бесплатно на русском" размерах.

Маусглов облизал губы и прицелился.

Гора снова "скачать basshunter now youre gone" за нами гонится, "скачать альбом насти и потапа" мрачно сообщил он.

Бриджит подошла ближе "скачать художественную книги" и грязным "скачать песню слима" пальчиком взялась было за узел, но остановилась.

Подобно тени, скользил он над песчаным дном.


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