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Oct 03rd
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Melaka 2010 Year-End Blessing Ceremony

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On January 2, 2011, Tzu Chi Melaka held two sessions of 2010 Year-End Blessing Ceremony for their donating members and members of public at MITC. This year, the volunteers also specially presented the musical theatre adaptation of "The Sutra of Innumerable Meanings".

It was a day of fine weather. In the soft breeze, volunteers sang their "Welcome Song" as the guests were streaming into the Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC) for this grand function. With environmental protection in mind, Tzu Chi prepared 150 buses to shuttle the guests of all races and religions to the venue. Approximately 10,000 people attended the two sessions of the 2010 Year-End Blessing Ceremony.

Close to a thousand volunteers from Melaka, Muar and Tampin had worked hand-in-hand to stage the musical theatre adaptation of "The Sutra of Innumerable Meanings". It is hoped that this presentation will help the general public to understand the profound meanings in Buddha's teachings. All attendees also received a gift pack containing "Fu-Hui (Blessing & Wisdom)" red packet and Jing-Si products from Master Cheng Yen and the resident nuns of Jing-Si Abode.

The atmosphere was captivating, and all present prayed fervently at the end of the ceremony for a peaceful New Year. It is the sincere hope of all volunteers that more people are inspired to join the rank of Living Bodhisattvas.

Evidence of Buddhism in Action
Dharma Master Kong-Le from Kuala Lumpur said, "The Sutra has been rejuvenated through the presentation. Buddhists should not only chant the Sutra but should put the teaching of Buddha in our actions."

Dharma Master Xuan-Shan from Melaka said, "The Sutra can truly inspire the compassion in everyone's heart. As the morality of today's society is declining, the youngsters also feel that their lives are meaningless. So, it is hoped that they will be inspired by such a show and find their purpose of life."

Master Xuan-Shan continued to share her feeling by saying that "Everyone can attain Buddhahood; and Master Cheng Yen is a Great Bodhisattva who saves all living beings. I must repent for doing so little and I wish to follow the footsteps of Venerable Cheng Yen and walk on the Path of Bodhisattva."

After watching the 2010 Tzu Chi Global Report, Rev. Fr. Joseph Heng Chon Sin of St. Theresa's Church, Melaka, felt the urgency to inspire kindness in everyone as our world is facing the onslaught of disasters. He was impressed with the actions taken by Tzu Chi volunteers around the world during disasters.

About a hundred church members came with Rev. Fr. Joseph Heng to witness how Tzu Chi Foundation conducts its charity work and provides care to the unfortunate. They hope to make the same move soon.

"Before we visited Tzu Chi, we thought it was just another temple. After the first visit, we found it is an organization that helps people of all races and religions. There are so many good people there, and every one of them has positive thinking and is ever ready to do good deeds," said Madam Siti Zubaidah from Dunia Melayu Dunia Islam. Madam Siti Zubaidah came with 10 members today because she wanted them to get to know Tzu Chi too. One member, Miss Nor Aslena, supported Siti's view, and said she has been motivated to be more charitable to others after attending the event.

The power of "1"
Mr Ronald Gan Yong Hoe, Secretary of Religious Affairs Bureau (Melaka Branch), said the musical theatre adaptation of "The Sutra of Innumerable Meanings" touched him deeply and brought him to tears.

"I feel the power of "1", and the collective power of many "1s" can change the world. We should learn from the way Tzu Chi promoted its missions." Mr Gan believes every religion is guiding people to be benevolent, so it really depends on us to put the teaching into our daily life.

Chen Jin Mei from Machap (a village on the outskirts of Melaka) came with 36 friends and relatives that she invited. She said she loves watching Da Ai TV and is always moved to tears by the programmes. She also pledged to follow the footsteps of Tzu Chi volunteers as there have been so many disasters in the world.

The true purpose of life
Nepalese Sanjay Mahato said that he could understand what was delivered with the English subtitles and the sign language. He promised to do what Tzu Chi volunteers are doing when he goes back to his homeland.

Dancing coach, Zhang Guang Quan, came with about 20 students. He thought the stage presentation was very special and that the lighting and sound systems were fantastic. Although he could not understand Chinese, he could still understand the programmes presented with the English subtitles. He wished to join more Tzu Chi's activities in future, and to work for world peace with one heart.

Some 50 members of the Sai Baba Organization were also among the audience. Anny and Suria Lee were very impressed. "The Prayer part was most touching," said Suria. Anny bought two sets of "The Sutra of Innumerable Meanings" DVDs.

The Melaka 2010 Year-End Blessing ended with the offering of prayers. The Dharma Masters, Catholic priests and nuns and other religious elderly were invited to go on stage to lead the Mass Prayers. In a sea of torchlights, everyone offered their sincere prayer for a world free of disasters, a harmonious society and peace in everyone's heart. May we light up the light in our hearts and shine on others.

Snapshots of the Musical: The Sutra of Innumerable Meanings

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