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Dec 05th
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Volunteers in Sri Lanka Celebrate Year-end Blessings

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In Sri Lanka, hundreds of people took part in ceremonies on January 5 and 6 to celebrate year-end blessings organized by the foundation. One was held for the first time in the capital, Colombo, and another in Hambantota, where Tzu Chi Foundation built a Da Ai village for the survivors of the great Southeast Asian tsunami in 2004. They moved to their new homes in 2006.

In the six years since the tsunami wreaked havoc in Sri Lanka, Tzu Chi's care to the country has never ceased, creating a circle of goodwill in Colombo. It now has nine volunteer trainees and 20 aspiring volunteers; they regularly visit 13 households to provide care, as well as a home for the disabled. At the first year-end ceremony in the capital, people were crowding outside the window, because all 100 seats inside had been taken. The master of ceremonies for the event was Kumara, a local volunteer who first heard about Tzu Chi from a friend two month ago. He was instantly attracted to the charity work, although he had to drive for four hours to take part in home visits. He has now made up his mind to move his home and factory to Colombo, so that he can devote more time to Tzu Chi’s work. “This is what I am looking for,” he said. “I think I am very happy. I did not think that there were so many unfortune people were living in this country. But, when I went to this place, I saw so many people living in these conditions. It is a good lesson for my life.”    

Attending the ceremony were children from the 13 care recipient families who are receiving financial aid for their studies. They stepped forward to bow to express their gratitude. In Colombo, more and more local residents have joined the charity efforts of Tzu Chi to work for the benefits of their neighbors, countrymen and the world.

In Hambantota, in the south of the country, more than 700 residents attended the year-end blessing ceremony, the second time the event has been held there. It was in that town that the foundation built a major housing community for those who survived the tsunami. Among the 700 was Mr. Liwton who lost his wife and children in the disaster. Since 2005, he has been visiting the Tzu Chi office every month to drop off his donation. “I am very grateful for the help you are giving to the people here,” he said. “If all of us contribute just a little and pull together, it can become a powerful force.”

Year-end ceremony in Sri Lanka

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