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Oct 02nd
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Continual Love to the Sand Dwellers

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The current unrest of conflicts in the northern African countries has affected other countries in the Middle East such as Jordan. Demonstrations are often held in Jordan every Friday because of high unemployment and high price of daily necessities. Despite of the unrest of the society, Tzu Chi volunteers in Jordan were as usual as the past ten years holding winter aid distributions for the needy in the several tent communities located in the remote desert areas.

The first distribution this year was held from December 31, 2010 to January 01, 2011 in the very cold and foggy desert area at Wadi Finan, Wadi Abdoun, Al Mafrag and Thaghran. There were 6 out of total 17 volunteers were from Singapore who paid their own expenses for the trip to help the distributions in Jordan. This time 149 families each received 5 kilos of rice, 5 kilos of sugar, 3 kilos of chickpeas, 2L of cooking oil, 1 box of teabags, 0.5 kilo of candies, Vaseline, 2 blankets , school bag, stationery, shoes and 50 kilos of wheat flour.

Due to cold weather the distribution were started with school bags and shoes for the children in an indoor premise of classroom. Sister volunteers helped to put on new shoes for each child with loving care. The smooth distributions were completed to these people of nomadic herdsmen with sincere hope that the aid supplies can help them get through the cold winter. After the distribution, volunteers visited each family, tent by tent, to make sure all aid supplies were properly received. Tzu Chi's relief principles of gratitude, respect and love were truly implemented in this remote desert land.

The second winter distributions held in January 14, 2011 at Amman were for 200 families that Tzu Chi volunteer visits regularly in every two months. The distribution aid were made two times a year at both Ramadan festival and winter season. Each family received 5 kilos of rice, 5 kilos of sugar, 3 kilos of chickpeas, 2L of cooking oil, 1 box of teabags, and 1 box of Vaseline. After the distributions, volunteers prepared hot meals for 60 children at tent community of Wadi Abdoun.

Whether it is an aid distribution or long-term community development or simply a hot meal serving to the children, Tzu Chi's charity mission is a manifestation of a universal love that hears the voices of the suffering. In spite of political instability resulted in the high prices of goods, volunteers still purchased for the aid distribution to bring peace and joy to the people even in the times of turmoil.

Bringing love, support to needy
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