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Sep 21st
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Volunteers Give Relief Goods After Myanmar Earthquake

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Tzu Chi holds distribution after Myanmar earthquake
On April 4, volunteers distributed relief goods at two Buddhist temples in northeast Myanmar to survivors of a powerful earthquake that struck the area two weeks before. It was an emotional experience for both volunteers and recipients.

The quake, measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale, struck an area of northeast Myanmar at 8.25 p.m. on March 24. Its epicenter was an area close to the border with China, about 80 miles from the northern Thai city of Chiang Rai. It was very powerful, killed 75 people, injuring over 100 and causing the collapse of many buildings, including Buddhist monasteries and government offices. On March 30, after obtaining the permission of the Myanmar government, a group of six volunteers from Malaysia and Myanmar entered the stricken area of Tachilek to conduct a survey. Tzu Chi was the first foreign NGO to be allowed in. Escorted by a military officer, the volunteers went from village to village, noting the details of each household. They found the residents huddled in tents, after their homes had been reduced to rubble or had become too dangerous to stay in. Too afraid to go back to home, whole families were sleeping in temporary shelters. Through an interpreter, the volunteers visited each family to understand their most pressing needs. Knowing that somebody cared for them, one woman was moved to tears and was comforted by a hug from the volunteers. The volunteers drew up a name list for the distribution. Communications were down in the disaster area, but the volunteers worked hard to overcome every obstacle to provide the supplies badly needed by the survivors.

During the daytime, they have enough to eat but need additional items. As a result of the earthquake, there is nowhere to buy supplies. So the volunteers decided to cross the Thai border to the nearby town of Mae Sai, to buy mosquito nets, buckets, clothes and other items. It was not easy to obtain all the approvals necessary from the military and civilian authorities for the entry of the volunteers and the goods they bought. But patience won the day and they were finally able to deliver the items.

They carried out the distribution in two Buddhist temples in Dar Lay city. They divided the recipients into three categories. The first were those who had lost family members, the second those who had lost their homes and had nowhere to live and the third whose homes were damaged but still habitable. All three groups received the same goods, including straw mats, oil, table salt, mosquito nets, water buckets, soap and sarees. In addition, those in the first category received 100,000 Myanmar kyats, canvas and eco blankets and those in the second category received 50,000 kyats and eco blankets, Those in the third category received 20,000 kyats.

It was the first distribution for the local volunteers, who speak Burmese. The recipients belong to a minority group, the Shan, and most of them speak only the Shan language. Only one volunteer could speak their language. So most of the volunteers had to express their love and concern despite the language barrier. They understood the trauma which the survivors had been through and their fears for the future. The volunteer read a letter of condolence from Master Cheng Yen, which they translated into Burmese and into Shan. When they heard it, the recipients were very touched. When the volunteers sang the song "We are One Family", everyone burst into tears.

One recipient said:"the items you are bringing us are all things we badly need. We will continue to live bravely. As for those who have passed away, we will let them go with an open heart." Another said: "your song has really touched our hearts, it is very beautiful. This quake has made the people in the village love each other more. There were some disputes between brothers and sisters but, now that we have survived this, we will form a big family and everyone will grow strong together." A third said: "If you had not come, we would not have had these items. You are giving us the strength to go on."

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