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Jun 03rd
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Children Celebrating Buddha's Day

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On April 29, Kuala Lumpur's Da Ai Educare Centre held a Buddha's Day Ceremony, with the offering segment performed by the six-year olds. All of them were on their best behaviour and they performed the ceremony in the most solemn manner.

"This ceremony is held to remind us to be grateful towards the Buddha for departing wisdom to us, to be grateful towards my parents for loving me, and to be grateful to all other beings whom we should never hurt but love," Lin Zi Jun made no mistake in explaining the significance of the ceremony.

"Chickens are raised in unhealthy environment and are, therefore, not good for our health. I have been a vegetarian since the time my set of baby teeth started to grow. I didn't feel tired standing during the hour-long rehearsal for this ceremony, as I was mindful of it, and also because I respect the Buddha," said Zi Jun. Obviously, he has heeded what was taught by his teacher.

Undefiled nature
On April 29, 2011, Kuala Lumpur's Da Ai Educare Centre held a joint celebration for Buddha's Day, Mother's Day and Tzu Chi's Day for their students. It was a special day that was filled with the fragrance of flowers, gratitude and humanistic values.

The venue was aptly decorated to produce a warm yet serene atmosphere. The altar was specially set up to suit the physical height of the kids; and on it, among beds of green leaves and beautiful flowers, were six crystal statues of the "Enlightened One" looking kindly at the Earth and its living beings.

At 8 am, teachers took their respective classes to line up in the hall, where the ceremony was due to take place. This time, the six-year olds were assigned with the offering of flowers, fragrant water and lights to the Buddha. It was hoped that such an arrangement would leave a deeper impression of the ritual in the young minds. Rehearsals for the ceremony started two weeks ago.

At the ceremony, the little ones were rather solemn. In great uniformity they performed the walking meditation, with their palms closed in sincere devotion. They were indeed praiseworthy, and their good behaviour was testimony to the fact that through education the parents' hope for their children can be accomplished.

Teacher Chiah Guat Hoo could not stop her tears when the children sang the song, "Our Earnest Prayer", with such reverence and sincerity.

Vegetarian pledge, best wishes and gratitude
A neatly dressed 5-year old Guo Si Ting stood at the altar with her vegetarian pledge card as well as her parents', in her hands and made a wish that may everybody be happy and healthy. Began in March, she has taken 64 vegetarian meals to-date. The little girl also said that she would present a flower from the altar to her mother as a token of best wishes and gratitude.

Four-year old Ceng Hao Xuan was almost in tears because he forgot to bring his bamboo bank and could not join his friends in the ceremony to donate their savings.

When asked about the significance of the Buddha Bathing ceremony, Huang Shi Jie instantly replied, "It is gratitude towards my parents, Lord Buddha, and all sentient beings. Lord Buddha teaches us to be good." She said she would be good to reciprocate the kindness and love that she was given.

The Buddha's Day Ceremony was a successful event. Teacher Chiah Guat Hoo thanked her colleagues and fellow workers for their patience and love in sowing the seeds of goodness and kindness in the young hearts.

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" When you perform a task, do it wholeheartedly; when you refuse a task, leave it without regret. "
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