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Oct 02nd
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Steven Rockefeller Jr. Visits Tzu Chi

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On May 9, Master Cheng Yen met Steven C. Rockefeller Jr, the fifth generation member of the Rockefeller family. Two of the world's major philanthropists held an in-depth discussion on how to save the planet.

Based in New York, the Rockefeller Foundation is one of the largest private charities in the world. John D. Rockefeller Sr. established it in 1913 "to promote the well-being of humanity around the world". It has concentrated its work on funding medical education and public health projects around the globe.

Steven Rockefeller was visiting Taiwan for the first time. On the evening of May 8, he attended the ceremony of Buddha Day, Mother's Day and the 45th anniversary of Tzu Chi Foundation at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei. He described it as 'more moving' than the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

On the morning of May 9, he and his party of nine people arrived in Hualien, the headquarters of the foundation. He was accompanied by Jim Wang, chairman of the East Asia Securities Company, C.Y. Huang, chairman of the Polaris Securities Company, Liu Yi-cheng, chairman of Easy Card Corporation, and his nephew Collin Clark Eckles. They were first given a tour of the Jing Si Hall by Hsieh Ching-gui, director of the foundation's religious affairs department, and Rey-sheng Her, the foundation's spokesman. They explained to the visitors the four main pillars of Tzu Chi's work and then accompanied them to the Jing Si Abode, where they met Master Cheng Yen.

The two philanthropists shared their common concern for helping the people of the world. Master Cheng Yen expressed, "Religions are different in name but are all based on love, and with this spirit, we cherish and care for our planet". She used the products of DA.AI Technology Co., Ltd. as an example of this practice. Tzu Chi volunteers practice selfless giving by collecting and sorting discarded PET bottles. Then, what was originally garbage can be remade into products. This reduces waste, conserves natural resources, and helps to protect the planet. She also encouraged Mr. Rockefeller and his family to advance global awareness of the need to love our Earth, which will be of benefit to the whole planet.

Rockefeller is the fifth generation of the Rockefeller family and grandson of former U.S. vice-president Nelson Rockefeller. He is the only son of Steven Clark Rockefeller, chairman of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. He has worked tirelessly for the public good and to reduce poverty in society. He has been a long-time supporter of microcredit, as one of the main founders of the microcredit development fund of Deutsche Bank. He was also one of the most active directors of the Grameen Bank, earning a Fulbright Award in 2005 from the United Nations. Formerly he was chairman of Education Adventure and a director of Renew Energy Resources. He currently works for the board of the Rockefeller Foundation.