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Aug 19th
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Environmental Awareness for Pudu Parent-Child Bonding Class

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Tzu Chi volunteers of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, got up early to set up a "plastic bag house" to highlight the importance of environmental conservation to participants of the Parent-Child Bonding Class.

At about 5 am on April 17, 2011, volunteers started to construct a "plastic bag house" needed for the lesson on environmental awareness that was planned for the participants of the Parent-Child Bonding Class.

Little spokesperson
Seven-year old Guo En Xi put her head out of the "window" of the plastic bag house and shouted, "I can breathe now! So nice!" The little girl finally realized how blissful it was to inhale fresh air!

En Xi was excited when she first saw the "house" and thought it should be fun to stay in it. She said, "It was fun initially. However, after a while, it became very hot and suffocating. I quickly looked for holes from which I could get some fresh air..."

En Xi said she would not want to stay in such a "house" again as it was very uncomfortable.

After experiencing the greenhouse effect in the plastic bag house, the participants were given a guided tour around the recycling station. They were first led to the recyclables-sorting zone where they were told they had to segregate their rubbish in order to turn them into resources. The volunteers also told them about the dire situation faced by our Mother Earth and what actions should be taken to help her.

When asked by a volunteer how she would protect the environment, En Xi said that she would pick up bottles and cans in her school and take them home for recycling. In addition, she would remind her brother not to use the air-conditioner and to switch off unnecessary lights.

She also added, "I have been using this bag since I was two years old! I use both sides of the paper and I bring my own bowl and spoon. I also use handkerchiefs and I do not ask my mum to buy me toys..."

When the volunteer praised her for being so environmentally-friendly at such a young age, she also revealed that she loves vegetarian food because it is good for the Earth.

Save our Earth
All the 22 pairs of parents and children thought it was an interesting lesson. At the recycling station, Chhun Heng from Cambodia was shocked to find so many new clothing discarded by people.

Chhun Heng said that she also buys new clothing every year, and would give her old ones to her relatives in Cambodia. When she realized that she could have worn her old clothing for a longer period, she promised not to be so wasteful anymore.

Through her experience in the plastic bag house, Chhun Heng realized that our natural resources are depleting rapidly.

Looking at the plastic bags, she thought about the future of her children and grandchildren. She decided then that she does not want to leave them with a world full of plastic products.

Chhun Heng said she would stop using plastic bags, and only buy things that she needs and not because she wants them.

That day, the participants were asked to use the stairs instead of lifts to reach their classroom located on the fifth floor.

Someone advised Madam Fang, who was panting at the second floor, to take the lift but she refused. She said now that she is aware of how much the Earth has given us, she wanted to repay her kindness.

The thought of relieving the burden on Mother Earth had pushed Madam Fang to continue walking up the stairs...

Translated by Lee Ren Hui & Hew Kwee Heong


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