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Feb 03rd
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Four-Language Jing-Si Aphorisms for Hotel

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In Malaysia, Tzu Chi volunteer donated the four-language version of Jing-Si Aphorisms to Subang Empire Hotel for display in their suites. The handover ceremony took place on May 31, 2011 at the Hotel. "Jing-Si Aphorisms" is a collection of words of wisdom by Master Cheng Yen, and is as popular today as it was for the past twenty-two years. For the first time, a four-language (Chinese-English-Japanese-Spanish) version of "Jing-Si Aphorisms" is placed inside each of the 199 contemporary designed rooms, with modern furnishings, at the Subang Empire Hotel.

Witnessed by Tzu Chi volunteers and donor, Ng Yooi Boon, the books were handed over to Chris, the Hotel's CFO, by Song Quek Khian, Deputy CEO of Tzu Chi Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

Inspiring Wisdom
"Jing-Si Aphorisms are words compiled from dialogues between Master Cheng Yen and her disciples or visitors. Written in short verses, the aphorisms are guidelines which are being practised by the Master. They are easy to comprehend and practise, and have been translated into dozens of languages and promoted in every corner of the world."

In her brief introduction of the book, Jing-Si Publications' staff, Koay Si Hui, revealed that it is not a book about religion or race, but is a helpful guide for everyone when dealing with their daily lives, work or inter-personal relationships. It has also helped many people to gain a new perspective and wisdom. It is hoped that the hotel guests will benefit from reading it.

Chris agreed that the book is very suitable for their guests who are mostly Singaporeans, Malaysians, Mainland Chinese, Indonesians, Japanese and so on. He said, "For a book to be a bestseller for more than two decades, it is surely special. I am sure it will impress our guests."

When Chris opened a page and saw this aphorism: "One with a proper religious faith will not go wrong easily in his/her life", he said, "I hope the book will guide me in my life."

On his trip to Indonesia and Thailand, Ng Yooi Boon has found a Bible and Buddhist scriptures respectively, in his hotel room. This has given him the idea of promoting Master's "Jing-Si Aphorisms" in hotels. When Ng made the proposal to the Management of Subang Empire Hotel, they readily accepted. Ng hoped that his donation will kick-start the flow of benevolence in the hearts of the hotel guests.

Reading good books will help in our spiritual growth. It is hoped that the readers may find the key to resolving their problems in life in "Jing-Si Aphorisms". "The Empire: Experience begins here" is the slogan of the Hotel. We also sincerely hope "The Jing-Si Aphorisms: Wisdom begins here" too.

By Siow Lee Kien, Selangor
Translated by Lee Ren Hui
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" If we can reduce our desires, there is nothing really worth getting upset about. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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