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Feb 03rd
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Relieved and Reassured

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On May 23, a catastrophic tornado hit southern Missouri, killing over a hundred people and leaving many others injured. Tzu Chi mobilized a team of 64 volunteers to conduct relief assessments and distribute supplies to tornado victims throughout the damaged areas.

On June 4, Tzu Chi Foundation's Midwest division hosted a two-day distribution in Joplin, Missouri. Local representatives from the American Red Cross sought out Tzu Chi volunteers to organize and host relief efforts in certain areas. Tzu Chi volunteers handed out relief supplies, including blankets and hot meals, to over 1500 people affected by the tornado.

Emergency cash cards worth $300 each were given to over 600 families identified as particularly needy. A few people in the area were already well acquainted with the Bodhisattva "angels", with their blue and white uniforms, and expressed their gratitude for Tzu Chi's compassion. Those who had never heard of Tzu Chi were amazed by the organization. Many left with not only material, but also spiritual support and reassurance that they could recover from the disaster and move on with their lives.

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