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Aug 19th
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Why doesn’t one become popular despite doing good deeds?

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A disciple asked: I do a lot of good deeds, and I believe I am a good person. Yet I am not popular and don’t seem to have good relationships with people. Why?

Dharma Master Cheng Yen replied:
A good person is not defined by the good deeds he/she does. Buddha once taught that among the Ten Armies of Mara (Mara is a “killer” of good virtues) was an army rooted in good deeds and thoughts. When besieged by this “army”, one may do good deeds but be afraid that others don’t know about it. Those people go around bragging about their good deeds. Others might do good deeds but also quietly keep track of how much more they have done compared to others.

To combat this army, the correct way of thinking is that for the things that I can do, I will do them with a generous and joyful heart. I will not be afraid of whether others know or do not know my actions; I will persevere in doing good deeds.

To maintain a joyful heart, you need to stop caring about "how much" you have done and then you will be able to form good relationships with others naturally.

Source: Tzu Chi Companion magazine - Issue 120
Translated and edited by: Tiffany Hsiao, Jenner Yeh and Meiping Yang

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