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Oct 03rd
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Home Global Activities Taiwan Tzu Chi Foundation Provide Urgent Medical Supply to Thailand

Tzu Chi Foundation Provide Urgent Medical Supply to Thailand

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Thailand was drowned by the devastated flooding since October this year. The local dialysis patients seriously faced the medical shortage. Tzu Chi Foundation urgently shipped dialysis solution for 10,000 patients, 30,000 bags of saline solution and 60,000 IV sets to Thailand.

The superintendent of Taipei Tzu Chi General Hospital, Dr. Chao You-Chen indicated, "The dialysis solution prescribed in Thailand is different from Taiwan. In order to make sure the solution we shipped could be applied to local patients, Taipei Tzu Chi General Hospital has been checking with many pharmaceutical industries in Taiwan. Finally we found one pharmaceutical company had worked with Thailand before. After received the conformation from the Thailand's Government Pharmaceutical Organization, we purchased the most-needed medicine supplies shipping to Thailand." Dr. Chao would also join the free clinic care if the Thai Government needs his present.

It has been three months that Thailand gravely affected by flood. Tzu Chi volunteers from Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines have already conducted the charity, medicine, and humanitarian aids caring Thai national crisis.

On November 3rd, the Tzu Chi relief team left from Taiwan with 700 kilograms of goods, such as Tzu Chi instant rice, raincoats, wading suits to Thailand. After their arrival, volunteers met up with Thai Taiwan Business Association, Thai Army Wives Association and Hospitals inviting them joined the disaster assessment. The second relief team left Taiwan on November 17th and joined with Indonesian Tzu Chi volunteers for assessing the situation and interaction with locals. They also estimated bringing 700 kilograms of instant rice and skin ointment to Thailand.

When the volunteers noticed the shortage of drinking water in flood-affected Thailand, the Malaysian volunteers immediately sent 240,000 bottle water packed in six 40 feet containers and 50,000 underpants through land transportation to solve the temporary drinking water problem.

Tzu Chi planned to start Cash for Work cleanup effort in affected area to encourage disaster survivors and businesspeople joining cleanup.

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