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Mar 31st
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Da Ai Television Launches High-Definition Channel

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On January 1, Da Ai (Great Love) Television launched its High-Definition Channel, a landmark in the 14-year history of the station. It is six times clearer than a traditional channel, more comfortable to the human eye, and provides three-dimensional sound effects.

Master Cheng Yen announced the official launch of Da Ai 2 HD channel at a ceremony in Changhua, central Taiwan. Connected via satellite to viewers around the world, the new channel went on line. “Today is a historic moment,” she said. “Over the past 14 years, we have encountered many challenges, but there is so much to be grateful for. Da Ai TV's one and only mission is to purify the human heart. We hope that Da Ai can be like a stream of clear water that flows throughout the world to cleanse people's hearts.” She expressed gratitude to the Government Information Office (GIO) for giving Da Ai TV the channel and the Chunghwa Telecom company for helping with satellite broadcasting, in order to expand the broadcast area and reach more viewers. She also thanked the cable television industry for its support in carrying the channel. Also present at the opening ceremony was Yang Yung-ming, director of the GIO under the Executive Yuan. He expressed his gratitude that, for the past 14 years, Da Ai TV station has spread Tzu Chi's spirit to move the hearts of people and bring out the goodness of Taiwan. “It is a blessing to combine technology and the culture of Tzu Chi,” he said. Volunteers around Taiwan celebrated the historic moment together.

Da Ai TV was launched in 1998. Next year, it started to broadcast around the global via 12 satellites. In 2005, it changed to a digital TV station. January 1, 2012, was the 14th anniversary of Da Ai TV and also the seventh birthday of the Tzu Chi Culture and Communication Foundation.

Of the programs on the new channel, 95 per cent are produced by the station itself. It provides high-quality documentaries, drama, and news. It aims to present everyday experiences with a global prospective and show the beauty and experience of life through HD and audio.


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