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Oct 01st
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Nutritional Instant Rice Promoted at Food & Beverage Expo 2011

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Tzu Chi KL & Selangor participated in the Food & Beverage Expo 2011 (December 16-18) at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). Besides promoting its Jing-Si Culture & Publication's unique healthy products, volunteers also demonstrated the making of sushi and rice balls with Jing-Si instant rice.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Tan Chee Wei explained, "Jing-Si Instant Rice was researched and developed by Masters from Jing-Si Abode. With this invention, our International Disaster Relief Team is able to provide meals for victims at the shortest time possible as this rice does not require washing and cooking; and besides, its nutritional value is not compromised."

It is very simple to prepare a delicious bowl of fragrant rice as all that is required is water. No gas stove or electric cooker is needed.

The Jing-Si Instant Rice was invented to provide meals during emergencies and disasters. The idea came about when a grandmother received a pack of rice at one winter distribution, but was unable to make fire to cook it. With thoughts of mercy and kindness, Master Cheng Yen commented that if one could prepare a meal by just adding water to air-dried grains, then the grandmother would have a bowl of rice or porridge.

At the most recent disaster relief distributions held this year, Jing-Si instant rice was always the first hot meal enjoyed by victims at disaster stricken areas.

A unique healthy product

Tzu Chi KL & Selangor was invited to participate at this food exhibition held at PWTC from December 16 - 18, 2011. The three-day event attracted some 300 manufacturers and sponsors, with Jing-Si Culture & Publication being one of the exhibitors, promoting a unique series of healthy products.

The Organizer provided a stage for Tzu Chi volunteers to demonstrate the ways to prepare delicious rice balls and sushi using Jing-Si Instant Rice.

The theme for this exhibition was "Environmental and Organic Food". With this thought in mind, Mr Li, person-in-charge of Lanceford Exhibitions, invited Tzu Chi to participate. After almost a year's preparation, the "Food and Beverage Expo 2011" was finally held. It turned out to be a very successful event, attracting a large crowd of visitors.

Mr Li said, "The objective of organizing this event is to inaugurate a large scale food exhibition in Malaysia. We also wish to donate any surplus funds from the exhibition to charitable organizations." Paying back to society is the inspiration of the Organizer.

Jing-Si products are safe to eat

The demonstration not only received great support from housewives, but it also fascinated and enticed some gentlemen, as well as, foreigners to try out the tasty products which they later purchased.

Madam Song Xue Juan from Kepong immediately proceeded to Tzu Chi's booth to purchase a food package after watching the demonstration and tasting the food.

Madam Song is familiar with Tzu Chi as she used to send her recyclables to Tzu Chi's recycling centre located near her house.

"We hope to give the public the confidence and assurance that Jing-Si products are very safe to consume through our presence here," said Xu Li Chun, a volunteer actively involved in promoting Jing-Si products.

Choice to live healthily

Most people are of the opinion that to consume large amounts of fish and meat is the only way to gain sufficient nutrition, not knowing that such food are usually bad for one's health.

Mr Chen Fa Cheng from Taman Putra, Ampang bought a few packets of instant rice with different flavours after the demonstration. He said that with this rice, he does not have to look for vegetarian food. He further disclosed that going vegetarian had cured his migraine.

Tzu Chi received an overwhelming response for its products at this exhibition; and volunteers successfully promoted healthy vegetarian food to the public. At the same time, volunteers took the opportunity to spread Tzu Chi's humanities to the community, hoping that more and more people would observe vegetarianism, purify one's heart and build a harmonious world.

By Chay Choon Foong & Tan Siew Chern, Kuala Lumpur
Translated by Peggy Lee

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