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Oct 22nd
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Opening of Jing-Si Books & Cafe-cum-Continuing Education Centre

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The 18th Jing-Si Books & Cafe in Malaysia and a Tzu Chi Continuing Education Centre were officially opened on April 1, 2012, with blessings and well-wishes from the public. The occasion was attended by many people who filled Kelana Jaya with a harmonious atmosphere.

On April 1, 2012, Tzu Chi's KL and Selangor volunteers held a double celebration to officially open Malaysia's 18th Jing-Si Books & Cafe and a Continuing Education Centre. Their joint efforts ensured a successful opening of these two centres, which will purify the mind and allow busy people to have a place for life-long learning, relaxation and recreation.

Top Glove's Group Chairman, Tan Sri Lim Wee Chai and wife, joined Tzu Chi Honorary Board Member, Guo Jia Kun and wife, Tzu Chi volunteer Lim Haw Sek and Chief Executive of Tzu Chi KL & Selangor, Echo Chien, on this historic day to mark the opening of Petaling Jaya's Jing-Si Books & Cafe-cum-Continuing Education Centre. The event, which started from 10 am to 9.30 pm, attracted more than a thousand members of the public to join in the celebration.

On the opening day, guests had the opportunity to attend lessons of 7 different courses offered by the Education Centre, and were served free drinks at the Cafe. Those who purchased Jing-Si products were also accorded a special discount.

Due to its strategic location opposite an LRT station in Kelana Jaya, and the evenly distributed population, this Jing-Si outlet and Education Centre had attracted many patrons from all walks of life since its operation three months ago.

Sail towards the direction of life

In her welcoming speech, Echo Chien thanked everyone for their support and tireless efforts in the successful opening of the Jing-Si Books & Cafe and Continuing Education Centre in Petaling Jaya. She said: "The opening of this Jing-Si Books & Cafe and Continuing Education Centre can enable the caring ones to find their directions in life and the lost ones to find refuge for their soul."

Tan Sri Lim Wee Chai, a long-term supporter of Tzu Chi, remarked happily that "the Cafe is a good place for young people to go for physical and mental health, while the Education Centre is a place to provide life-long learning." He was grateful to Tzu Chi for giving him the opportunity to contribute to society.

"This is a place which enables one to forget about one's worries," said Guo Jia Kun. He and his wife would grasp every opportunity to give their support to Jing-Si Books & Cafe. On this day, they were happy to witness the establishment of another Jing-Si the Books & Cafe.

Liang Ze Xin, who enjoys reading, attended this event with her sister and daughter. She said, "The moment the red curtain was pulled down, I had a strange feeling that I was in a familiar place. I feel this Jing-Si outlet is different from other cafes as the drinks here are healthy and all the books are beneficial to the mind and soul. With the education centre, I hope there will be more programmes for the elderly people for their mental growth and stimulation."

Wu Qing Yang likes the values of Jing-Si humanities very much. Although he could not attend the opening ceremony, he grabbed the opportunity to purchase a number of Jing-Si's products before going to work.

He said, "After coming into contact with Tzu Chi and reading the Jing-Si books, I found that Tzu Chi is the right direction that I have been looking for all this while. Hence, taking advantage of this big occasion, I came specially to purchase some spiritual 'nourishment' which I need daily." In "Upholding the principle of serving the public and do more to gain more concept", Wu Qing Yang is closely related to Tzu Chi, he also makes copies of touching articles or lyrics to share with others.

Experience the fun in life

Lined up in two rows at the entrance to the Jing-Si Books & Cafe were ten cute little volunteers, who welcomed and offered candies and Jing-Si souvenirs to arriving guests. Their polite attitude and cordial hospitality warmed the guests' hearts.

After tasting a cup of tea in the cafe, the public was invited upstairs to the Education Centre to participate in the experience programmes. In order to allow the public to taste the joy in learning, the Centre had prepared creative crafts, vegetarian dishes, Yang-style Tai Chi, clay, cane exercise, paper cutting and yoga courses.

Huang Xiao Jun, who had earlier registered for the vegetarian cooking course, said confidently, "I want my children to be vegetarians, but I do not cook vegetarian food well. Learning the skills to cook can slowly guide and influence them to be vegetarians."

As it was Tzu Chi's first attempt in introducing the Yang-style Tai Chi, eight teachers explained the origin of this form of Wushu to the public. They demonstrated and taught one or two styles of Tai Chi to those who joined to experience this course. Some students registered immediately for the course after getting a feel of the beauty of Tai Chi, and understanding its effectiveness for fitness, self-nurture and self-defence.

The Continuing Education Centre provides the public with a series of courses in the humanities, arts, lifestyle applications, languages and physical fitness, to improve the quality of life; and with humanities to enhance the wisdom in their lives.

With the establishment of the Jing-Si Books & Cafe and Education Centre, there are more avenues for the public to get to know Tzu Chi.

To Tzu Chi volunteer Chen Cai Ying, the occasion was like moving to a new house with jubilation. She said: "Shouldering the decoration work of the Education Centre, I did my best to make it comfortable for anyone who steps in here."

All the volunteers shared an unanimous hope that: "This is the purification of the heart and soul station. It enables the busy urban people to slow down their pace, and being here is just as warm as being at home. When encountering difficulties, we can find the answer as long as we read the Jing-Si books. It is also a place for everyone to experience fun in learning and increasing one's wisdom."

By Kiew Li Wen, Petaling Jaya
Translated by Chai Lee Lian

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