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Oct 02nd
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Finding Our Buddha Nature Within

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[Life Wisdom]
2012/06/05 Finding Our Buddha Nature Within

Typhoon Mawar moved toward the northeast of Taiwan but did not affect the island greatly. Although it did not make landfall on the Philippines, its heavy winds and rain caused many deaths and injuries and left many missing.

In Paraguay, Juan Sil Verio Meza Leguizamon, a devout Catholic, is a Tzu Chi volunteer. This year he started to receive training as a commissioner. Master Cheng Yen praised him for his long involvement with the foundation and for the way that he has developed the foundation’s spirit. “He is a devout Catholic. He had contributed to the foundation for a long time. Over 10 years, he has never missed a single activity in Paraguay. Wherever he goes, he speaks and practices Tzu Chi,” she said.
In Taiwan, Mr. Lin was a butcher for over 30 years and is now a Tzu Chi volunteer. He used to have a bad temper and often got into fights with others. After he started to take part in the sutra adaptation of ‘Water Repentance’, he changed his bad behavior and decided to give up his career of taking the lives of animals. Master Cheng Yen said that, when our minds are at peace, there will be harmony in society and disasters in the world will naturally decrease or even be eliminated.

The Buddha says that all living beings share collective karma. So we must take good care of our minds. We should discipline our minds so that they can be moral and upright. This is our purpose of spiritual cultivation.

" A fulfilling life is not preoccupied with material objects, prestige, or power. It is a life that is filled with true friendships, sharing, and caring for each other. "
Jing-Si Aphorism

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