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Aug 19th
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Home Global Activities Taiwan Tzu Chi Sets Up Disaster Response Center After Heavy Rain

Tzu Chi Sets Up Disaster Response Center After Heavy Rain

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In Taiwan, the Tzu Chi Foundation has set up a disaster response command centre and mobilized its volunteers after heavy rain fell on many parts of the island.

According to the Central Weather Bureau, by 2 pm yesterday (6/12), 1,397 mm of rain had fallen on Sandimen Township, Pingtung County, in the south of the island. Residents were asked to take extra precautions because of the torrential rain. The bureau has been continuously posting the Extremely Heavy Rain Advisory.

The foundation set up the disaster response command center in the Jing Si Abode, Hualien, where Master Cheng Yen lives with her community of nuns. The center will continue to communicate with Tzu Chi’s disaster prevention centers around Taiwan. If anyone is in need, they are asked to contact Tzu Chi’s branch office near them.

In response to the rainstorms, volunteers mobilized immediately to help people in need. By noon on June 12, they had provided 4,115 boxes of meals, including hot meals delivered by rubber boat. The Sandimen Township Office asked the foundation to provide hot meals on June 13 to a relief center where people had taken shelter.

On June 12, during the Morning Volunteer Assembly, Dharma Master Cheng Yen said that, because there had been heavy rain around Taiwan, many roads had been cut off due to landslides; everyone should be on guard and more vigilant. She also asked every volunteer that, before they went to provide assistance, they should collect all the information needed to make sure it was safe to go.

Tzu Chi’s response centers around Taiwan are staying in touch with government responses centers and temporary shelters. Tzu Chi’s aim is to provide assistance at any time.

Here are the contact details of the command center:
Disaster Coordinating Command Center in Jing Si Abode, Hualien
+886 (03) 8266779, EXT. 373, 374, 590, 269
+886 (03) 8059966

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