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Oct 02nd
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Home Feature Stories Taiwan Tzu Chi Provides Hot Meals, Comfort to Rainstorm Victims

Tzu Chi Provides Hot Meals, Comfort to Rainstorm Victims

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As Taiwan endured its heaviest rainfall of the year, the Tzu Chi Foundation mobilized volunteers across the island to provide nearly 7,000 hot meals to the victims of the storms, as well as care and psychological counseling. As a typhoon approaches the island from the southwest, members are preparing for the weather to worsen.

Heavy rain and a fierce southwest air-stream have for the last several days drenched the north, south and centre of Taiwan, causing flooding in many areas. All the foundation’s branches in the island have set up a disaster coordination center, to assist in any way possible in relief work. As of June 12, more than 700 volunteers had provided nearly 7,000 hot meals, as well as relief money and comfort to the victims. On June 12, the headquarters in Hualien sent 60 ten-kilo boxes of instant rice to Taoyuan and will send a further 100 boxes today (June 13). In addition, branches in Tainan and Kaohsiung each sent 50 ten-kilo boxes and the one in Pingtung has prepared instant rice to feed 8,000 people, to be sent to those who need it on an emergency basis.

The good deed has greatly moved those who received it. A volunteer who was yesterday delivering 18 lunchboxes to residents of a street in Taoyuan said that the recipients were very moved. One of them, a lady named Zhang, declared her intention to donate NT$300 a month to the foundation, to help those in need.

A senior high school in Taipei County closed down because of the bad weather. Its food is prepared by the Weiwei Central Kitchen in the Wugu district of the county. The cooks there said that they wished to donate the rice they had prepared, enough to feed 1,200 people. Volunteers from the nearby Banchiao branch immediately accepted this offer and took the rice to Taoyuan, where it was put into lunch boxes with vegetables and distributed to homes in need.

In two districts of Kaohsiung in south Taiwan, residents were forced to flee their homes and take refuge in two holding centers. Volunteers went there to provide hot food and comfort. In the Sandimen district of Pingtung, volunteers worked with the army to provide food to those who had taken refuge in the district sports stadium.

In the Taimali district of Taitung, a resident of more than 60 slipped while cleaning a water pipe and injured his skull; he started to bleed. He was taken to the city’s Mackay Memorial Hospital; volunteers from the local branch went to comfort him.

A patient named Yu in the Taoyuan district of Kaohsiung needs dialysis treatment for his kidney; on June 10, he was safely brought down the mountain and is staying with relatives in the Shanlin Great Love Village on the outskirts of the city. He is continuing to receive treatment and is in good health. Tzu Chi volunteers from
the local community visited him and gave him consolation money, to help him get through this difficult period. In a mountain district of Taichong, a young couple were killed by a landslide and their bodies brought to a health office in Lishan. Volunteer Hong Shan-zhen lives next to the office; when she heard the news, she and nearby volunteers went to comfort the families of the two young people and gave them NT$10,000.

The rain is beginning to abate in most places but is still being affected by the southwest air-stream. A typhoon is approaching Taiwan from the southwest and threatens more heavy rain. The Tzu Chi branches everywhere are making preparations and Tzu Chi Hospitals are on standby. They are following closely the latest news of the typhoon.


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