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Sep 27th
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Home Global Activities Taiwan Tzu Chi Sets up Disaster Coordination Center as Typhoon Talim Approaches

Tzu Chi Sets up Disaster Coordination Center as Typhoon Talim Approaches

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The Tzu Chi Foundation has set up Typhoon Disaster Prevention Coordination Center to help people ahead of the arrival of Typhoon Talim. Master Cheng Yen asked everyone to remain vigilant and do nothing that would threaten their own safety.

According to the typhoon warning issued by the Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan, Talim is 760 kilometers southwest of the Penghu islands and moving in a northeasterly direction, bringing very fierce winds to the south of the Taiwan Straits. The bureau forecast very heavy rainfall for the centre and south of Taiwan and warned people living in mountainous regions, especially those in low-lying areas, to take anti-flood measures, watch for a sudden rise in the levels of streams and rivers, for landslides and the washing away of the topsoil.

Master Cheng Yen told volunteers all over Taiwan to raise their level of awareness, act in a sincere and cautious manner and not under-estimate the dangers posed by the typhoon. They should prepare practical measures, not only in securing the windows of their homes but ensure that items outside are properly stored. She asked all branches and recycling centers to check their windows and items once more and see that gutters and channels outside are clear and not blocked by rubbish that could hinder the flow of water.

She also asked members to pay attention not only to their homes and branches but also to stay in close touch with each other. “If the rain is especially heavy, do not go outside. If you have a task to do, first ascertain if it is safe. If the weather permits, you can visit the families you are caring for, to help them prepare for the typhoon and promote co-operation among neighbors. Please raise the awareness of people living nearby to take the right measures.”

Recently, rain has been falling without cease and has been especially heavy in mountain areas. “People should not go to these areas,” she said. “If they have to go, they should pay attention to their safety. They should not lower their guard. If they have to evacuate, safety should be their first priority and they should co-operate with the local authorities. Everyone should pray with a sincere heart, pray for everyone to survive this challenge safely, so that goodness overcomes disaster.”

At six o’clock this morning, the foundation set up the coordination center and is paying close attention to the weather forecast. It has asked the centers to stay in close touch with each other and, if they need anything, they should contact the control center at the Jing Si Abode, at this number – +886 (03) 855-9966/826-6779 extension 373, 374, 590 and 269.

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