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Oct 01st
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Passing Typhoon Talim With Vigilant and Sincere Heart

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Typhoon Talim brought heavy rain to Taiwan but weakened to a tropical depression by 5 a.m. on June 21. Master Cheng Yen thanked members of Tzu Chi for their work during the typhoon and asked them to remain alert and bring goodness together, to influence the earth.

The Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan advised members of the public that, although the typhoon had left the island, it would bring a southwesterly air stream that they should not ignore. On June 21, there could be heavy rain from Taichong in central Taiwan to Pingdung in the south, with the risk especially high in mountain regions; residents should pay special attention. From June 22, the southwesterly air stream would gradually weaken and the quantity of rainfall would gradually decrease.

In the morning of June 21, Master Cheng Yen said that everyone should be thankful that the typhoon had passed quickly and that everyone had survived safely. She also thanked each member of Tzu Chi for their sincerity and good faith, for raising their awareness and bringing together the force of good to influence the earth.

"Although the typhoon has passed, people must not lower their guard; they must pay attention to the heavy rain caused by the southwesterly air stream. Those in areas liable to flooding should pay particularly attention. After heavy rain, the soil will loosen. Please do not go to mountain areas. If you have to go to look after care recipients there, you must ensure that the route is safe and secure for your journey and return,” she said.

"The imbalance of nature and the change of the climate are due to the greed of man. Whether the earth is peaceful depends on everyone having a pure heart. Everyone must be sincere at all times, only then will the earth be at peace. The members of Tzu Chi must have peace in their hearts, work harmoniously together with one heart and one mind. They must create a virtuous circle of love. Goodness and love makes us pure and this will have a positive influence on the earth.”

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" A fulfilling life is not preoccupied with material objects, prestige, or power. It is a life that is filled with true friendships, sharing, and caring for each other. "
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