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Jan 22nd
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Life, Like a Diamond

Life, Like a Diamond [Master's Teachings]
In this world, there are people who see life as a very valuable gift. They feel it to be as precious as a diamond because with it, they can make a contribution to the world and make life better for others. In their thinking, life is to be made use of, and they take care in using it wisely, with love for others.

In Tzu Chi, there are many people who live their lives with such a perspective. And so, they live very fully, seizing every moment available to them to contribute and give. They may serve as mentors to young people, volunteer in the hospital, or visit and care for people in need in their community. Having nurtured a mindset of making the most of life to create good, they think in the same way when faced with the prospect of death. Therefore, they willingly donate their bodies for use in medical education. They know that this means their bodies will be opened up by medical students to study the human body's internal structure. They know that in the process, many incisions will be made to their bodies.Read more...

The Endless Power of Kindness

The Endless Power of Kindness [ Master's Teachings ]
Time passes very quickly. It seems that 2010 has just starte... Read more...

Taking Hold of the Present Moment

Taking Hold of the Present Moment [Master's Teaching]
Normally, in the moment of doing something, we are not aware ... Read more...

Today Is the Continuation of Yesterday

Today Is the Continuation of Yesterday [Master's Teaching]
We are always involved with the past, the present, or the fut... Read more...

Being Seventy Years Old at Birth

Being Seventy Years Old at Birth [Master's Teaching]
Every time I see young people volunteering at our Tzu Chi hosp... Read more...
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