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Jan 19th
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Considering Irreconcilable Differences

Considering Irreconcilable Differences [Master's Teachings]
A cause for the greater good requires the concerted efforts of many; it is seldom that one individual alone can accomplish it single-handedly. Yet, when a group of people are working together, there will almost always be differing views as well as different personalities and habits. What to do when the differences seem irreconcilable?Read more...

The Essentials of a Leader

The Essentials of a Leader [ Master's Teachings ]
When we wish to do something for the greater good, we will n... Read more...

The Beauty of Ethics

The Beauty of Ethics Ethics is what guides one’s conduct. One who is well-mannered understands proper... Read more...

Diligently Protecting Your Heart

Diligently Protecting Your Heart The Buddha says, "Life is impermanent." Not only is life impermanent, but everyt... Read more...

Leading a Meaningful Life

Leading a Meaningful Life In a lifetime, how many years are actually there for one to render service to hu... Read more...
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