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Jan 27th
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Eating Less to Help the Poor

Eating Less to Help the Poor [ Master's Teachings]
What is a poor person's life like? In Jakarta, Indonesia our Tzu Chi volunteers discovered a poor family of twelve: a grandmother living with her daughter and her ten grandchildren inside a very crammed house. This 65-year-old grandmother herself had borne eleven children but nine of them died because her family was always too poor to afford medical treatment when they were ill. Now she has to raise her ten grandchildren left by her deceased children. The grandmother says, "Our three meals depend on whatever people give us. Some will give us cash, 12,000 or 15,000 Indonesian Rupiah (US$1.50), to buy food or snacks for the children."Read more...

New Beginnings, Every Day

New Beginnings, Every Day [ Master's Teachings ]
Editor's note : The following is Master's teaching given duri... Read more...

Inspiring Love and Gratitude in All

Inspiring Love and Gratitude in All [ Master's Teachings ]
It's September 11 today. Looking back on this day in history... Read more...

Awakening Love Cannot Wait

Awakening Love Cannot Wait [ Master's Teachings ]
"With the many crises facing our world today, awakening love... Read more...

Japans Earthquake: A Wake-Up Call

Japans Earthquake: A Wake-Up Call [ Master's Teachings ]
With a heart heavy with grief and worry, Dharma Master Cheng... Read more...
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