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Aug 09th
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Home Feature Stories Great Love After Asia Tsunami

Great Love After Asia Tsunami

My Friends, My Family

My Friends, My Family Tzu Chi, you are so dear to me.
Memories of the past keep coming back.
It was a moment of misery
For those who witnessed and experienced it.
Every second of those moments
We fought bravely to save valuable lives.
Dear love, because you always bring happiness to me.
I have forgotten that bitter grief and feel joyful again.
Because you give me courage and diligence,
I want to share your heavy burden.
Your smile drives away my tears,
Makes me strong, and brings me blessing and hope.
You know my thoughts and have opened my eyes.
You have become my closest friend,
And have changed my soul and style.

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" Everyone has a Buddha nature, and a Bodhisattva's strength and spirit. "
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