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Aug 02nd
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Spiritual Practice

The Joy of Being Content

The Joy of Being Content In life, we have a lot of afflictions, and we would like to get rid of them. But how do we get rid of our afflictions? We can get rid of them by being content. Contentment will lead us to spiritual richness.Read more...


Practice [ Master's Teachings ]
In this world, there are good people and bad people, strokes... Read more...

Touching the Spirit of the Three Refuges

Touching the Spirit of the Three Refuges [ Master's Teachings ]
Oftentimes, when we read spiritual texts such as the sutras ... Read more...

Awareness of Karmic Affinities

Awareness of Karmic Affinities [ Master's Teachings ]
In life, there are people that we feel drawn toward and peop... Read more...

Transforming Anger into Gratitude

Transforming Anger into Gratitude [ Master's Teachings ]
When we're dealing with people and matters in our life, some... Read more...
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