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Aug 02nd
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Spiritual Practice

Taking the Step

Taking the Step [Master's Teachings]
Ideally, it would be truly wonderful if all things could be as we desire, but the truth is that in life many things are not within our control. Yet, when we are in a position to make a choice, we often do not do so. The opportunity to lead the kind of life we wish is right there before us, but we do not take any action.  In the end, we cannot blame our circumstances; it is we ourselves who make no move to change our circumstances.Read more...

Taming Our Afflicted Mind

Taming Our Afflicted Mind [ Master's Teachings ]
The Buddha explains to us that the rise and fall of our feel... Read more...

A Sense of Mission

A Sense of Mission [ Master's Teachings ]
Going about our daily life, every day seems the same. We do ... Read more...

Peace from Afflictions

Peace from Afflictions [ Master's Teachings ]
Our hearts are often filled with afflictions. They bring us ... Read more...
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