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Oct 29th
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Pan Mingshui – the Man who Brought Tzu Chi to Durban, South Africa

Pan Mingshui – the Man who Brought Tzu Chi to Durban, South Africa Pan Mingshui is a Taiwanese businessman who brought Tzu Chi to Durban, South Africa. Working with very limited resources, he has inspired and led 5,000 local volunteers -- not well-off themselves -- to help their fellow countrymen in poverty. Every single day, with Pan’s leadership, these Tzu Chi volunteers prepare and distribute lunch for 5,000 orphans and care happily for 1,200 AIDS patients. What made Pan take the first step to walk into these communities? How did he gain the trust of the Zulu people? From where does this great love and selfless compassion come?Read more...

Wheelchairs & Railroads

Wheelchairs & Railroads Two days a week, uniformed Tzu Chi volunteers gather at the Zhanghua railroad st... Read more...

The Eco Duo

The Eco Duo Sitting across from 52-year-old Qu Su-min (曲素珉), I stretched my neck to get a cl... Read more...

Tzu Chi Volunteers in Chile

Tzu Chi Volunteers in Chile It has been a few months since a powerful earthquake in February rocked the Sout... Read more...

Ding Hua’s Recycling Route

Ding Hua’s Recycling Route Riding around the city of Kaohsiung on her motor scooter, recycling volunteer Di... Read more...
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" A person with a generous heart and compassion for all beings leads the most blessed life. "
Jing-Si Aphorism