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Oct 28th
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Soaring With Hope

Soaring With Hope It was a beautiful night. The moon, clear and bright, was riding high in the sky. A light breeze wafted through the window of an apartment building and brushed against the faces of a couple who were soundly asleep. The only sound that was audible in the stillness of the night was the whir of a computer fan.

"A-Mei, A-Mei!" Xu Zhen-xin (許振新), drowsy-eyed and half-asleep, woke his wife with a soft voice. "My urine bag is full."

Chen Fang-mei (陳芳梅) slowly turned around. With her eyes half open, she deftly changed the urine bag. Then she got out of bed, and, holding the brimming urine bag in her hand, walked unsteadily towards the bathroom.Read more...
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" One evil thought plants an evil karmic seed; one good thought will result in good karmic fruit. "
Jing-Si Aphorism