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Dec 03rd
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Typhoon Morakot

Kids Fundraising for Taiwan Relief Works

Kids Fundraising for Taiwan Relief Works In the morning of August 21st, 2009, children from the Tzu Chi Kindergarten (Da Ai Educare Sdn Bhd) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia put themselves into pairs, one was holding the donation box, whereas the other one was holding the poster. They have urged from people passing by, and also explained to them the purpose of this fundraising.

“Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan on August 8th, and so it is also known as the “88 Flood”. Because of the mud slides, many people have lost their homes. But Aunties and Uncles from Tzu Chi Foundation fed them with meals, so we are here trying to raise the money for them. Any amount is kindness love, so it doesn’t matter how much you donate.”Read more...

Nothing Left but Rubble

Nothing Left but Rubble Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan in early August, causing widespread damage in the southern part of the island. Torrential rains triggered floods and mudslides, swamping several mountain villages in Kaohsiung County. It was the worst typhoon to hit Taiwan in over 50 years. More than 600 people lost their lives or were reported missing, and nearly 25,000 people were evacuated.Read more...
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