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Sep 26th
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Environmental Protection

The Fixer

The Fixer Many discarded appliances aren’t actually broken, according to Tzu Chi volunteer Zhuang Qing-jing. Despite his weakened eyesight, he salvages abandoned appliances and electronic equipment, fixes them up, and tries to make them as good as new. Adding new life to old appliances benefits the environment and adds meaning to each passing day.Read more...

Productive Golden Years

Productive Golden Years There are more than 67,000 Tzu Chi recycling volunteers in Taiwan. Many of them ... Read more...

The 4 R’s of Healthier Living

The 4 R’s of Healthier Living Plastic bags and packaging are an icon of the convenience culture that permeates... Read more...

The Art of Composting

The Art of Composting Nurtured by compost produced in a workshop at the Tzu Chi Xintian Recycling Stat... Read more...

Promoting Environmental Protection

Promoting Environmental Protection Only a decade has passed since the 21st century began, but our world has already... Read more...
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The Beauty of the Jing Si Abode


Are you prepared to put your kindness into actions and join Tzu Chi in promoting the goodness and beauty of mankind?
You are always welcome to join our Tzu Chi’s Great Love missions by becoming a member or volunteer. Please contact the Tzu Chi location near you.

" If everyone exercises the love in their heart, then goodness and blessings will accumulate, creating a cycle of kindness. "
Jing-Si Aphorism