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Dec 02nd
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Reconstruction Plan for Morakot Survivors

Reconstruction Plan for Morakot SurvivorsStarting with emergency relief work and ending with long-term reconstruction work, Tzu Chi Foundation’s Morakot relief operation is divided into three phases and six goals (the 6 Ps).” The three phases are immediate, middle term, and long term. The six goals include prompt relief and safety, psychological and spiritual support, permanent housing, preservation of children’s education, peaceful livelihood, and protection of the environment. More than 200,000 volunteers joined the relief work, and 51 countries around the world have launched fund-raising activities. The Foundation also held candle-light prayers across Taiwan, sending blessings to typhoon victims and survivors.Read more...

Cleaning Homes and Hearts

Cleaning Homes and Hearts Since the 1960s, aquaculture has flourished in the coastal townships of Linbian,... Read more...

Kids Fundraising for Taiwan Relief Works

Kids Fundraising for Taiwan Relief WorksIn the morning of August 21st, 2009, children from the Tzu Chi Kindergarten (Da ... Read more...

Nothing Left but Rubble

Nothing Left but Rubble Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan in early August, causing widespread damage in the sou... Read more...

A Generous Poor Old Lady

A Generous Poor Old LadyAfter the 76-year old grandma inserted the only 100 Kyat she had into the bamboo... Read more...
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