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Sep 18th
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Feature Stories

Delaying My Studies for My People

Delaying My Studies for My PeopleOn January 1, 2005, I (Uditha Asanka Waduge ) visited a Tzu Chi medical station seeking treatment for a sore back. After working so hard in the aftermath of the tsunami, I was fatigued and required immediate treatment. At the station, I met a Taiwanese surgeon, Dr. Li Wei-che.

The doctor jokingly asked me, "You're so young, so how can you have back problems?" I explained that my younger brother, my friends, and I had been lifting people injured in the tsunami and bringing them to hospitals. We had also been busy providing lunches to victims over the past several days. All of this was more than enough to explain my serious back pain.Read more...

Strength to Stand Again

Strength to Stand AgainOn December 26, 2004, the strongest earthquake in 40 years struck the Indian Oce... Read more...

Tzu Chi Medical Teams to Sri Lanka

Tzu Chi Medical Teams to Sri LankaThe tsunami washed away all the pharmacies in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. There was o... Read more...

Their Future Home

Their Future Home A Great Love Village in Sri Lanka
Imagine once again cooking for your family in a... Read more...
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