DA.AI Technology Cooperates with the Ipswich State High School

Tuesday, 17 February 2015 18:09 Tzu Chi Foundation
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development announced the investigation of Better Life Index result that Australia has been the most happiness country in the world for four consecutive years; however, disaster happens even in heaven. In 2011, the great flood that devastated Queensland and the forest fire that burned Blue Mountains City caused severe damage. Although disasters are unpredictable, there is love in the world. Australia Gold Coast Tzu Chi volunteers went into the disaster area as soon as they can, and met Paul Pisasale, the Mayor of the Ipswich City, throughout the relief. The Mayor showed great of recognition and appreciation after seeing what Tzu Chi has done for the survivors.

In April 7, 2014, Paul Pisasale traveled to Taiwan to fulfill his vow, and took Simon Riley, the Principal of the Ipswich State High School, together to visit Dharma Master Cheng Yen in Hualien.

Principal Riley knows about DA.AI Technology well from Mayor’s words, and greatly admire what the company is doing to protect the planet. He even brought over school uniform and accessories samples with him and wished to cooperate with DA.AI Technology. He wanted to become the first “green school” in Australia that wears eco-friendly uniform. Riley knew that DA.AI Technology is not only an eco-brand, but also recognized the humanitarianism behind the brand is even more powerful. Although international cooperation isn’t easy, Riley wished to work with DA.AI nonetheless for its great meaning. With the work of Ipswich State High School, Gold Coast Tzu Chi volunteers, and DA.AI, finally the first batch of 400 eco-friendly school hats with Ipswich State High School logo was sent over, not only made the school the first “green school” in Australia, but also set an international cooperation milestone for DA.AI Technology.

Hoping this international cooperation can bring more people to take action of environmental protection, and that our humanitarianism can truly touch more people. Everyone has the responsibility to our Earth, and thus, let us all “Coexist with the earth” together.

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