Nursing--A Noble Profession to Relieve Suffering

Tuesday, 08 May 2012 10:25 Tzu Chi Foundation
2012/05/05 The Noble Profession of Relieving Suffering

The Nursing Department of the Tzu Chi College of Technology held a ceremony to present second-year nursing students with their caps before they begin training in the hospital.

At the ceremony on May 4, the teachers blessed the students and put the nursing caps on them. A total of 198 students received their caps. With enthusiasm and a heart full of love, they will start their in-hospital training. At the morning assembly for volunteers, Master Cheng Yen said that everyone should respect the dedication and selfless love of nurses. “Every one of us should cultivate a grateful heart toward medical personnel, to enable them to be more confident,” she said.

An alumna of the college, Luo Shu-juan, accompanied by two of her classmates, started her career in the Guanshan Tzu Chi Hospital, which is located in a remote area. In their daily work, all three put into practice Tzu Chi's medical concept of treating the patients as members of their own family.

In Taiwan, medical personnel always need to be on standby for many hours and work hard to safeguard the lives of their patients. Even when they have a heavy workload, they cannot make a single mistake. We should give them more respect and encouragement.

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