Tzu Chi Holds 'Humanity Camp' at Thailand School

Wednesday, 24 March 2010 10:55 Tzu Chi Foundation
The foundation’s school in Chiang Mai, Thailand held a four-day event to introduce its humanistic education to 120 teachers and education officials from 49 schools around the country. It was an opportunity to show them what is unique about Tzu Chi education. The event was sponsored by Thailand’s Ministry of Education and the local Tzu Chi chapter.

During the four-day camp, the participants visited the Tzu Chi school and attended classes on tea ceremony, flower arrangement and Jing Si (Still Thoughts) Aphorisms. They realized that Tzu Chi's humanities can be learned in many ways and easily practiced in daily life. The lessons in humanity began the moment the guests were greeted by Tzu Chi volunteers. Students from the school marched in unison towards the morning assembly; their guests were quick to record the moment with their cameras.

Thanong, one of the visiting teachers, said: "I am very touched to have this opportunity to visit Chiang Mai Tzu Chi School. It's wonderful that these students are so well mannered. From the moment they enter the campus or walk around the school, it is easy to see that they are Tzu Chi's students."

The participants saw how lessons in Jing Si Aphorisms are carried out by performing little skits. Such liveliness and creativity demonstrate one of Master Cheng Yen's most important teachings: "Just do it".

Another teacher, Pranee, said that Tzu Chi had shown that the ideals they talk about could be put into practice and they had demonstrated how it was done. "Thus, whether we are at home or at school, we can practice too."

These teachers hope to bring Tzu Chi's humanity back to their own schools, so that more people can experience the joy of selfless giving and join the relay of love.

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