How to Avoid Inter-Personal Conflicts?

Friday, 22 March 2013 11:06 Tzu Chi Foundation
People asked: “Tzu Chi is a huge organization, with many outstanding entrepreneurs and senior executives. But, because we are all human, conflicts and differences of opinion are inevitable. Has the Master faced such issues and, if so, how do you resolve them?”

The Master explained:

“it's very simple, as long as everyone understands what is ‘religion’ and what is ‘the purpose of human life and education in life’. When everyone realizes their purpose in life, they will naturally abide by the principles of being a good person and fulfill their obligations in different fields. There are also the precepts of Tzu Chi and its spirit of ‘discipline through following precepts’. Tzu Chi also ‘manages through love’. Modern conflicts between employees and employer happen because of a lack of love and appreciation.

Actually, employers should appreciate their labor force; without their dedication, the business can never be done. When we are driving on a smooth road, we should be thankful and cherish the road. The road was built to be so smooth thanks to the sweat and hard work of many laborers. So be thankful even when we walk. The labor force should be thankful to their employers; without them, they cannot make a living.  Because many employers and entrepreneurs have used their wisdom to start manufacture and businesses, the workers have a means of livelihood and should be appreciative. As long as the employers provide loving care and the workers reciprocate with respect and gratitude, there will be no conflicts between them. Most important, we have to start with ourselves. If we are the employer, we should strive to manage with love; if we are the employee, we should give respect and appreciation.

*Excerpt from: Daily Journal of Master Cheng Yen Winter 2002
Translated by: Hui Ying Chin

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