New Zealand - Gifts for Insoll Avenue School

Tuesday, 06 May 2008 00:00 Tzu Chi Foundation
Eight Tzu Chi volunteers went to Insoll Avenue School in Hamilton to present 120 dictionaries and 24 wireless earphones to the school on May 6. Twenty teachers and 250 students attended the donation ceremony.

An earlier investigation by Tzu Chi had revealed that the school was in financial difficulties. Since government funding was insufficient, the school had asked for help and support. Tzu Chi volunteers responded by donating dictionaries and earphones.

During the donation ceremony, Principal Linda McCabe thanked Tzu Chi for the gift. She reminded the students to cherish their educational supplies and to study harder so that they could grow up to become people of value. Tzu Chi Sister Guo Shu-nu (郭淑女) also made a short speech.

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