Tzu Chi Brings Love to House of Hope in Poznan, Poland

Wednesday, 15 June 2022 13:32 Tzu Chi Foundation

In Poznan, Poland, there is a "House of Hope", which helps drug addicts and rehabilitated people. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine this February, it has also hosted refugees from Ukraine. Tzu Chi volunteers have come to care for them.

The Beauty of Religious Harmony

Sister Joseph, Head of the Home of Hope, described the beauty of religious harmony as blooming with hope.

She said: "Like St. Mary, the world and God are as beautiful as a garden with many flowers. We are helping everyone who is like a beautiful flower in the garden over the years."

Polish volunteer Lukasz said: "Even though we are Buddhists, I mean Tzu Chi is a Buddhist organization, we are very welcome here. They don't mind having friends of different faiths. The spirit is the same as Tzu Chi.”


Hugs and Joy

The Hope House accommodates 35 Ukrainians. Libia, a 72-year-old, had tears in her eyes. She was so moved and insisted on giving each volunteer a hug.

Ukrainian volunteer Natalia said: "I see everyone in the event every time. They laugh, cry, love, and are moved. They make me feel that I can help my fellow villagers. I am so happy that I can help.”

The gift card (worth Polish zlotys 2,000; about US$450) from Tzu Chi was a great surprise to the Ukrainians at House of Hope, and the Sister there even brought out a birthday cake to share the boundless love.

Spread Great Love

Tzu Chi volunteers continue to bring aid and love to the people of Ukraine in Warsaw, Poznan, Lublin, and Szczecin after the man-made disaster. They only hope those Ukrainians who receive love from Tzu Chi will always keep these feelings in their heart. One day, when they go back to Ukraine, they can spread love continuously. Let us fill the world with great love and peace forever and ever.



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